Duyvis Cashback

After purchasing 1 Duyvis cashback promotion pack the consumer will receive his refund. FFO provided this refund/ cashback campaign for Duyvis, which resulted in happy customers with Free Duyvis!

Duyvis helps you to be prepared for a party, which you’ll find back in their products. They were the first with Duyvis Borrelnootjes®, Tijgernootjes® and Oven Roasted peanuts and nuts. Whether it’s a birthday, after the match with your friends, or during a night on the couch with family: where it’s cozy there is Duyvis!

Duyvis & FFO

FFO was asked to provide the Duyvis “Cashback” activation. After purchasing 1 Duyvis promotion pack, the consumer received the purchase amount. At www.duyvis.nl consumers could leave their data and upload the cash receipt. Within 7 days the consumer received his money. FFO provided the complete (financial) handling, the handling and development of the website & dashboard for Duyvis. The goals have been meticulously achieved by this activation.