About us

About us

Since the early 1990s we are the expert in experience marketing. The Free For One “enjoy for 2, pay for 1”- formula has been a success for many years. The results of this concept are measurable and have shown a considerable increase in loyal users and in sales. FFO is an Online marketing agency specialised in Experience marketing and brand building. By designing innovative and energetic campaigns we add emotions to products. Over the past 25 years we have touched the hearts of many consumers in the Netherlands, Belgium and in Germany. As a result both our clients, as the consumers, and we are very pleased. 

FFO is the agency for innovative and energetic campaigns. We take care of campaigns with all kind of discount mechanisms, savings programs, qualitative premiums, win- or cash back refund actions. FFO manages the entire process, we design the action, create the campaign websites and organize the fulfilment. FFO takes care of the total concept of every online loyalty program.

Interested in experience marketing?

Experience marketing is more than ever very popular and has proven its effectivity. Do you want to touch the heart of the consumer with your product? You do not really know the best way to get in touch with your target group? Do you want to turn your customer base into a loyal tribe? FFO is your partner. We are specialised in online developing activation to activate your customers. Completely free of charge we give advice to deploy a successful campaign that fits your goals and is tailormade for your customer base. This could be a joint promotion, but for example also saving for seals or codes, actions and special offers, 2nd person or ticket for free, win actions or competitions. FFO is the online sales and loyalty program specialist with more than 25 years of experience.

Our team

FFO exists of a young and dynamic team, each with its own expertise. Together we have the goal to make your product successful. We do this by inventing surprising actions, taking care of flawless elaborations and handing you the tools to measure the results. Finally, you want to know what the action has given you. FFO has a big partner network, which enables us to switch quickly and connect the right leisure time provider to your product. FFO takes care of the entire campaign from A to Z. We have the know how to take care of the entire process or, if desired take care of certain parts. We guarantee a consistent quality, short communication lines and a measurable successful campaign. Do you want to know more? Contact us now.


Our actions have achieved great results for over 25 years, varying from revenue increases to generating trails, increasing of rotations, increasing of volume and penetration and also the campaigns have contributed to brand building, record of a market share, brand attitude and positive brand stir.


Web en mobile apps

Web & mobile interfaces, Responsive design, Graphic design

Experience Promotions

Thematic Promotions & loyality programs

Experience Media

Online en offline communication, sampling, events, styling

Experience Consult

Measuring effects of target audience analyzes

EXPOM – Platform

E-Tickets, reservation- and paymentstool, online-backoffice

FFO takes care of action websites and mobile interfaces. We make sure that your campaign looks great from start to finish. We make a responsive and graphic design for all devices, so your campaign will find and touch your target group.​
Experience Promotions initiates large-scale thematic promotions such as loyalty programs. For each product we carefully look at an appropriate experience that fits the leisure choice of the target group for an optimal brand experience.
Experience Media makes campaigns for every organisation that wants to communicate with its customers in a positive and measurable way. We do that online as well as offline by for example sampling, styling and organizing events.​
Experience Consult is the specialist in Experience Marketing, Sales Promotions and Measuring. In all stages, from concept development up to the evaluation, Experience Consult can measure the effects with an experience factor​.
With our EXPOM platform we take the concerns of a back office out of your hands. The EXPOM platform makes the e-tickets, has a reservation- and payment tool and provides various reports so the results of the campaigns are insightful.​

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