2nd ticket for free! For the most fun animal outings for the entire family

With Beemster you can enjoy the best Zoo’s with the entire family. Nose to nose with a polar bear, face to face with a lion or just marvel at a crazy family of monkeys. When purchasing 1 Beemster promotion pack, you’ll get the 2nd ticket for the Zoo for free!


CONO Cheesemakers has been a farmers cooperative for over 100 years. With preservation of traditions and the use of the most sustainable modern technologies they make the most delicious and the most honest cheese of the best milk. 

The cows graze outside once nature allows it and the cheesemakers stir the curd by hand. One of the cheeses of Cono is Beemster. A tasteful and malleable cheese of the best quality.

Beemster & FFO

With the #allfamily platform, FFO has selected animal outings for the entire family. After purchasing 1 Beemster promotion pack, the consumer could go to one of the best Zoo’s in the Netherlands and Belgium. Every 2nd person was totally free!

The consumer has made massive use of this campaign. FFO has taken care of the entire campaign, including campaign website, order module and consumer handling.