How to grow your brand

Do you have a brand or product with a customer base that you would like to grow? Focus on these three targets: get to know your target audience, invest in the relationship with your customers and strengthen the connection between the costumer and your brand.

1. Get to know your target audience

When you want to market your product it is important to know who your target audience is and how you can reach them. To accomplish this you can create a profile of your ideal customer.

The next step is to do some research on your target audience to discover which values, topics and products your ideal costumer likes. For example, in 2020 sustainability will play a major role in product experience. Consumers are more likely to buy sustainable products that contribute to a better environment. When you get to know your audience and their motivation to buy a product, you can answer their needs better and faster.

2. Invest in the relationship with your customers

The key to reach your ideal costumer: focus on the story you want to tell. Make sure you have a relevant story to tell with a tone of voice that suits your target group. You can enlarge your story via offline and online platforms.

Another aspect of storytelling is the visual branding of your product. Make your content stand out on your platforms, according to the rules of your graphic identity. Consistent branding ensures that your customer recognizes your brand faster. Try different ways to spark the connection with your client: send them a newsletter or a birthday card with a nice offer! In this way, you will ensure that your brand stays in your customer’s mind.

3. Create a valuable promotion for your brand

To really bring your brand to life it is important to add emotion to your brand. At our agency FFO we achieve this through promotional marketing: we design tailor-made experiences for your brand.

For example, we created an experience for Pickwick. By buying three Pickwick promotion packages their costumers were able to enjoy a delicious High Tea for two (for the price of one). Customers enjoyed a nice cup of Pickwick tea during the experience and as a result the Pickwick brand grew bigger.

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